The day is finally here, the last day of school for my daughter. Oh to be a kid again! Nothing like the feeling of freedom! As a mother I do feel a sense of pride of another year done and done well! So far my daughter is a whiz at school, easily getting Honor Roll each and every grading period this year! I can only hope her brothers will find school as easy as she does! Yay I get to turn off the school time alarm clock! Unfortunately with 3 little ones I really don’t get to ‘sleep in’ anyway, but tis life of a mum! I hope to get a kiddie pool and have lots and lots of water play time this summer! Also many fun things happen in the Summer, fireworks, cook-outs, fairs and festivals! Woot woot! I hope to do it all and more this Summer! Stay tuned, fun is about to be had!
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My kids!… In greater detail


That is me and my youngest who I’ll call C. C is my last baby as I had my tubes tied while still in the hospital after his birth. I feel that was a good decision but am still a little bittersweet on the subject. C is growing soo fast! He’s already 9.5 months old and crawling into and getting into EVERYTHING! He keeps me on my toes for sure but I don’t mind it cause like I said, he’s my last!

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Above is my middle child and I whom I shall call B. B is my sweetheart cuddler baby who will be 3 in June! He’s all boy, loves playing with cars, trucks, and trains!


Last but not least is my first child I ever had, A. A just turned 7 and is into roller skating, dressing up, and vampires. Haha yes I said vampires, we even had a twilight birthday for her. She is very much like me. Lord help me! Very stubborn, head-strong, and argumentative. But she is a great student, getting all A’s all year!

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I love all 3 of them with all of my heart and feel so blessed to be to be called, Mommy



Here I am. This is me a couple years ago on an evening out while at my best. On my usual days I am makeup-less, in comfy pj clothes, and hair a bit greasy, tis the life of a busy stay at home mom, whom also babysit other kids! But I love it, I really do. I believe that we all have our own calling and I truly believe mine is caring for kids. Babies in particular. I’ve worked in a nursery in the past and I just love calming and cuddling with little babies! It really gives me such happiness.  I’ve recently decided that after my own kids all reach school age I will pursue a job caring for babies during the hours my kids are at school!